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Looking Ahead

We have very big God sized goals! Down the road we hope to offer short-term housing, own an auto repair shop, and have a car ministry that will bless the folks of Southern Illinois! However, like all goals, it starts with hard work. This company is the first step in many, yet, we hope to serve and bless our customers, our employees, and the community along the way!

We have chosen to be a for profit social enterprise, thus, we receive no grant money. As a Christian based company, we want to insure our values are part of our culture, with each company we own and the short-term housing we provide.

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Our Story

  William Davidson, CEO of A Hand Up LLC is a native of Southern Illinois. He has worked in many capacities throughout his career, including Maytag, restaurant owner, and is currently a Field Technician for Pitney Bowes. In 2021, while visiting family in Southern Illinois, then Stacy Kageff, searched for her high school sweetheart on Facebook to see how he was doing. He responded with a dinner invitation, and 11 weeks later they eloped in Las Vegas, with Elvis walking Stacy down the aisle!

  Stacy on the other hand, spent most of her career in the Chicago and Milwaukee job markets. While working in a cubicle in many different capacities over the years in Customer Service and Logistics, Stacy’s career has included cleaning offices and residences as a side hustle for over 30 years.

  Thus, after a year of getting acclimated to their new lives together, William and Stacy decided to create a company focused on two key aspects.

The first is to provide excellent Customer Service to each client, with every cleaning!

 How we achieve that is through technology, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and giving people with diverse backgrounds who want to provide excellence in our community, a chance to do so (our second key aspect)! 

  As a social enterprise, William and Stacy feel led to create opportunities for those that need to shed their past and make a fresh start. Thus, all the profits made from this business and subsequent businesses will go back into the business (creating more opportunities), short-term housing for the formerly incarcerated, and providing professional services to create additional opportunities outside of this enterprise. We desire for each person to leave any shackles from their past, take responsibility for their future, and have the support and resources needed to fulfill their God given purpose. 

  As Chief Operating Officer, Stacy runs the day-to-day activities of the business. Including scheduling, dispatching, procedural efficiencies, purchasing, administration, and even cleaning the toilets when called upon! Our company’s commitment to excellence extends to each employee and owner, so that our clients receive the best service with each service. Whether you sign a contract, or hire us only for special occasions, we want your experience to be consistent, excellent, and flexible to your needs.


We look forward to serving you for years to come!

ps-Stacy has a side hustle of being a Christian author and Christian DJ on Z Radio the Mix. 

Check it out at for exclusive free content!

Meet The Team

Humble Beginnings

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