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Career & Volunteer Opportunities

We are an unique organization in that we have paid and unpaid positions available!

Cleaning Team Lead

We are currently looking for a proven leader with experience in cleaning residential and commercial spaces. This is a full-time position with paid time off from day one. Salary is based on experience. Additional benefits after one year on the job.

We are currently looking for experienced cleaning professionals who are looking to provide excellent, consistent, service with a great attitude! Our starting pay is $14/hr plus tips with paid time off from day one! Additional benefits after one year on the job! 

Volunteer Mentors

Library Tutor

A Hand Up is more than just an employer. While we want to provide opportunities for those who need employment, we also want to provide support services for those who need a fresh start! Whether formerly incarcerated, or coming from a rough past; we want to provide strong role models to engage regularly with our employees. This might include resume and interviewing help, or having fun at game night. We believe starting from a strong supportive culture will serve as a foundation, lending to success in all areas of life.

On call- at your discretion Cleaning Specialist

Calling all who like to clean as a side hustle! Pay is not under the table- you will be given a W-2 as a part-time employee and pay taxes. However, the pay is above the national average, because it is done on an irregular basis. When we get the call that a cleaner is needed, usually (but not always) at least a 24 hour notice, we send out an S.O.S. to our team of On Call Cleaning Specialists. If you are busy or just don't want to clean, don't. If you are free and interested, you let us know, and we will schedule you. Work when and only when you want, and... we have the clients, you don't have to find them! 

Paid-part-time professional services

Image by Oxana Melis

We are just getting started and could use some experienced folks to help fill in the gaps of the business! Do you have experience in marketing, home maintenance, auto detailing, appliance installation, handyman services, painting etc... just need a side gig? This would be great for retirees that aren't quite ready to retire!

We appreciate our employees!

Without our amazing employees, none of this dream is even possible!

We provide:

1. Paid time off (after your first day!) for full-time employees

2. Additional paid time off after one year of employment (full-time emp)

 3. Bonus program based on profitability of the business

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