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Cleaning Sink

Commercial Cleaning

- Whether a hotel, office building, or retail establishment, we offer a range of services to clean, sanitize, and maintain a safe environment for your customers.  Hire us for a scheduled service, a one-time project,  or utilize our Fill in the Gaps Services. 

What is our "Fill in the Gaps Service"?

This elite service recognizes that business volumes aren't always consistent and staffing shortages are sometimes planned and sometimes a surprise! We want to be your "go to" to handle your cleaning needs when your regular staff cannot get the job done. 

*We will fill in for regular staff that are on vacation, short-term disability, or maternity leave.

*We will be the extra hands on deck when the business volumes are higher than usual, but temporary, like parent's weekend at SIU.

*We will fill in on an emergency basis when staff calls in sick or any other staff shortages on short notice.

How do we do this?

We will send a specialized training professional to your location and provide 2 hours, free of charge, for you to train on your methods, procedures, and protocols. We would even love a copy of your training manual for quick reference! With no payment up front, we will wait for your call! When you need us, you call or email us and we will be there! Cost varies on advance notice given. 

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